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We love cricket, in fact we love all cricket and that is why we bring you as much cricket news as possible. However, we of course support our local team, which of course is Lancashire County Cricket Club, but unfortunately not all is going well. Here then is an update from the new Lancs Action Group, a group who we support and all that they do to keep us Lancs fans informed:

March Newsletter

“Here is a quick update about what the Action Group have been up to and what our plans are for the forthcoming season. Your support is important to us to help us put pressure on the Board to improve members and supporters’ facilities and to remind the Club that it is still indeed a members Club and that their interests should be of paramount importance.

Firstly, we are in the process of finishing off our latest fanzine and we aim to have this available around the end of March. My co-editors are Roy Cavanagh MBE, who has written numerous books on Lancashire and Garry Clarke who has previously contributed to various fanzines including the Lancashire fanzines 366 & all that and the name of the rose.

Other regular columnists will now include Stuart Brodkin, of the Daily Express, who has also written a number of books on Lancashire and Paul Fitzpartrick, who was cricket correspondent of the Guardian for over 10 years. We believe it is our best fanzine yet and can be ordered in advance through our website – (click on the green button below).

As of last year we are aiming to produce 3 fanzines throughout the season and they will also be available outside the ground on all home games and most away fixtures. We have negotiated a cracking deal with the Tollgate pub near the ground and if you produce a fanzine at the bar you can earn 50p off a pint and 10% off all food orders!

We have also produced a number of questions we will ask in advance and on the night at the upcoming AGM and they can also be viewed on our website. They include questions on the ludicrous Sedbergh fixture, the missing museum and the director of cricket.

If you would like to contact or contribute to the Action Group then please drop us a line and don’t forget to check out our rapidly expanding twitter and facebook pages (click on the links below). We have grown rapidly over the last 12 months and all support is welcome to share the workload.”

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