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The Lancashire Action Group have some excellent news with regards their campaign to stop Sedbergh School hosting a Championship game next season proving successful. And we fully support their efforts:

“As you are probably aware we sent Daniel Gidney, the Chief Executive an open letter (still available on our website) requesting that they do not hold a Championship game at Sedbergh School next season and that if necessary, we would force a Special General Meeting (SGM) to try and stop a potential fixture.

Our campaign easily reached the 100 members needed to trigger an SGM and despite many sources stating that the Club were planning to favour Sedbergh over grounds based in Lancashire the Club announced yesterday that of the four games being played away from Old Trafford with Liverpool hosting both a T20 blast match and a RL Cup game and Blackpool and Sedbergh hosting one RL Cup game each there would be no Championship game away from Old Trafford.

I was invited onto BBC Radio Cumbria yesterday and the Sedbergh School headmaster was ‘disappointed’ that no Championship game was now taking place at the ground. In our letter to Mr Gidney we also requested that Blackpool and, indeed Southport would be considered in the near future alongside Liverpool as far more suitable outground hosts so it was excellent to read Paul Allott, the Director of Cricket stating that the Club “will provide support with the aim of getting Southport back on the rota, possibly as early as the 2021 season.”

May I thank everybody on behalf of the Action Group who supported our campaign. We have proved over the last 5 1/2 years that we can get the Club to listen to its supporters into the way the Club is run and we will continue to fight for the rights of members and supporters.

Now onto another campaign we have been involved in. I was approached a couple of months ago to help in a campaign to promote County Cricket and ‘oppose the 100’ which of course is the new City based competition that the ECB is controversially starting next season. Like the vast majority of cricket fans we are appalled at the way ‘red ball’ cricket has been elbowed to the edges of the season so the Action Group decided to produce a magazine called ‘County Cricket Matters’ with various writers championing the beautiful game. Along with our own Roy Cavanagh there are articles from various experienced cricket writers including Dan Whiting, Sir Fred Boycott, James Buttler and Annie Chave.

The magazine champions the cause of all 18 counties and is at the printers as we speak and will be posted out early next week. We are selling it exclusively through our website so please go to if you would lie to buy a copy. It costs just £2 plus postage and will also be available to download as a digital copy from next Tuesday.

We are also selling polo shirts for £14.99 plus postage and tshirts for £9.99 plus postage. Again these are available exclusively through our website.

Any profits raised from the sale of the magazine or shirts will be ploughed back into the campaign.

Finally, please feel free to forward this email to anybody who would be interested in the contents.

Many thanks,

Ian Lomax
Lancashire Action Group”

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