A success story of a commoner from India

You may not always be spoon-fed success and fame, but you can always believe in yourself and make it big in your life. On 30th December 2018 a world record was made for the Longest Marathon Cricket Bowling.

Mr. Bankim Sood, a pharmacist by profession, which is presently under review at GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. He did bowling consistently for 25 hours, 2 minutes and 48 seconds in the presence of various dignitaries, family members and other guests.

By his sheer hard work, and perseverance, he has set up an exemplary record in bowling. What’s more he is the only ambidextrous bowler, batsman & fielder in the world who can bowl bat and field with both right and left. He has also played cricket at state level for Panipat district at U-16 & U-19 level.

His accomplishment while maintaining a home, running a retail pharmacy and raising two children is a marvellous achievement. He proved he is the perfect example of ‘dreams can come true if you never give up’. We all salute the courage of Bankim’s interest.

In an interview he expressed his gratitude to GWR for accepting his application and for providing him with this opportunity. He considered the great cricket player Mr Saurav Ganguly as his ideal and expressed his desire to meet him one day and he has been successful in achieving this endeavour because of his ideal’s blessings.

He further announced that he will try to surpass his record in the near future. His parents shared that as a child he was always enthusiastic about playing cricket and would cheerfully toil for hours on the field playing and practicing bowling. His children Edha and Sushrut were quoted saying that it was an unforgettable moment of sheer amazement and wonder for them and that they are very proud of their father’s unfathomable achievement and were thrilled at his profound accomplishment.

His wife Mrs Maitri Sood had been a chief support to him throughout his endeavour and we learned from her that he had cherished this dream for many years in his heart and finally gathered courage to turn his dream into reality. For months, he got up quietly at dawn and would go for practise singlehandedly.

What’s amazing is that he did not receive any formal training to go for this attempt but needless to say that it takes special dedication and perseverance to get through such a daunting task.

We congratulate Mr Bankim Sood and wish him the best as he embarks on his next exciting adventure. Today, he is a breathing examples of those who have started small and made it big in their lives, through sheer hard work and willpower. His achievement is an example to us all. May his future efforts be equally successful and rewarding!

A small beginning… but made it big in life. Mr Bankim Sood has become a country’s pride!

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