Interview opportunity with David Geensen and Abdul Mohamed, Co-Founders of Quickscore, the world’s first SMART digital cricket scoreboard. Launching in the UK at All Our Cricket LIVE at Lords Cricket Ground on Sunday 21st February 2016.

David Geensen, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Quickscore says:

“We are very proud and excited to be launching Quickscore, the world’s first SMART digital scoreboard, for UK cricket fans and clubs at the All Our Cricket Live at Lords. Being keen amateur cricketers ourselves, Quickscore was born from our passion for cricket, and we aim to improve cricket through innovative technology. Our SMART scoreboard provides cricket clubs of any size around the world with the most advanced scoreboard technology available whilst generating extra revenue for clubs and schools through our digital advertising platform. Together with our partner CricHQ, we hope Quickscore will revolutionize the match experience for players and spectators by providing an easy to use, visually engaging and informative scoreboard.”


New technology, however, has drastically changed the way cricket is scored. With handheld applications developed by CricHQ, players, coaches and fans can access an enormous amount of information from any tablet, PC or smart phone. Far beyond a simple scorecard, CricHQ’s app allows anyone to access a multitude of player statistics, 3D wagon wheels, pitch maps, graphs, real-time Duckworth Lewis calculations, live feeds, social media and much more.  The only thing missing in marketplace is a real, affordable, high-tech and user-friendly scoreboard.


Cricket has two scoring problems today. At one end of the spectrum, teams are using manual calculations and wooden/plastic scoreboards. This system is clumsy, time-consuming, and prone to error and limits audience participation. At the other end, fans and players must constantly check their smartphones to find scores, resulting in a crowd of isolated, technology-absorbed players and fans. Quickscore solves an important need by displaying mobile technology on a common scoreboard for all to see. A common scoreboard brings the audience together. Moreover, clubs and schools can use the scoreboard to generate much-needed advertising revenues.

Far beyond traditional cricket scoreboards, Quickscore boards can display an unlimited amount of game-related information while also providing a rich, high-quality display platform for advertisers.


·        Dot Matrix/ P10 Colour LEDs

Quickscore boards can display any image or graphic using a rich, colourful and high-quality P10 LED platform. Far removed from static cricket scoreboards, dot matrix boards can display advertisements and high-quality graphics for any purpose.

·        Integration with CricHQ Technology

Quickscore boards are programmed specifically for integration with CricHQ’s scoring technology platform. The only one of its kind, Quickscore boards have an exclusive arrangement with CricHQ to be the only scoreboard specifically designed for use with its #1 cricket scoring application in the world.

·        Wireless Technology

Quickscore boards are integrated with the latest wireless technology for quick and seamless integration across the globe.

Internal Hot Spot

·        Quickscore integrates a SIM card into each scoreboard to boost wireless reception in the immediate area to ensure operability and provide Internet connectivity.

Energy Efficient

·        Quickscore boards use power-saving technologies making them the most energy efficient scoreboards available today.

Ambient Sensors

·        Quickscore boards measure illuminance and adjust the LED brightness to sunlight conditions automatically

Weather-proof & Shatterproof

·        Quickscore boards are guaranteed 100% weather-proof and impact resistant.

Today, most clubs use either a manual or basic LED scoreboard (as shown above) that displays only numbers and characters. These scoreboards are single colour LED displays and do not show calculations, details, statistics or graphics of any kind. Quickscore will bring cricket scoreboards into the 21st century by integrating existing technology and increasing affordability for small teams, clubs and schools worldwide.

With an estimated 3 billion global audience around the world, cricket is commonly viewed as the world’s second most popular sport. Through innovative software and display technology Quickscore, the world’s first SMART digital scoreboard wirelessly controlled by the CricHQ mobile application, is aiming to improve live fan engagement and enjoyment at matches by enabling cricket fans to view live match scoring, statistics and results in real-time.

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Visit our stand at All Out Cricket LIVE

Venue: Lord’s Cricket Ground
Date: Sunday February 21, 2016
Time: 9.30am-5pm – coaching sessions in the MCC Cricket Academy begin at 9am

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