Jos Butler and his rise to cricketing fame

Former Somerset wicketkeeper and Myprotein ambassador Jos Butler discusses his rise to cricketing fame from a youngster who was named the 2010 Young Wisden Schools Cricketer of the year to England’s top wicketkeeper.

How did it feel to be selected as part of the England team?

A really proud moment. Growing up I always believed that I would become a professional cricketer at Somerset, which was my boyhood club and I would go and watch them as often as I could when I was a kid. I always believed I would play for Somerset, although I never really thought about playing for England until I actually became a professional cricketer at Somerset. My debut was in 2011, it was a twenty20 game against India at Old Trafford, walking into the dressing room with guys like Stuart Broad, Kevin Pieterson, Graeme Swann and a load of other guys I have seen on TV, who you build up to be these superstars but then actually, they are just normal blokes who are really good at cricket, it was quite refreshing.

Was it overwhelming taking part in your debut?

It was, especially against India! India is the biggest cricket nation we play against and even though the game was at Old Trafford, it was a very Indian crowd. I remember driving to the ground, I got a lift with a team mate called Craig Kieswetter, there were loads of Indian supporters and I remember Craig saying this is a little bit different to county cricket that you’ve been playing, it was quite daunting. I actually didn’t bat that game, we had won before I batted but it took me a while to really take to international cricket and get used to the pressures of it.

The Ashes is a while off, but is it on your mind already? Or are you putting it to one-side for now?

I think as an English or Australian player, the Ashes is always on your mind, you’re very aware of who won the last Ashes and I am lucky enough to have played in the last series. I think as a cricketer if you could choose one thing to win, it would definitely be the Ashes. I am determined to get in the squad and be playing Down under in a few months’ time.

What has been your most memorable moment in professional cricket?

My most memorable moment would definitely be scoring 100 against Pakistan, the fastest one day 100; I scored 100 of 46 balls. That came after 6 months of a pretty lean spell with the bat as well, so I put a lot of pressure on myself and people in the media we’re giving me a little bit of pressure and then to come out and play a record breaking innings was very emotional! It was a great moment and just shows how in professional sport the margins are never very far away from getting back in form and being in great touch.

Originally from Somerset, cider must be a beer garden beverage surely?

It is, definitely! Thatcher’s cider is a huge go-to and is obviously very popular down in Somerset.

Cricket is the only sport which stops for a meal, what would you say is your go-to cheat meal?

It would have to be some sort of Asian meal. A Chinese takeaway at lunch time during the cricket would be awesome. I love Chinese food!

What would be your daily routine in terms of nutrition on a match day?

Nutrition for us lot is key. I’m actually really lucky to be sponsored by Myprotein whose Informed Sports products are all batch tested meaning I know exactly what I am consuming. I try to consume food little and often rather than big meals as they tend to sit on your stomach. Breakfast is really important; I try to eat a lot of omelettes when we’re on tour, throughout the day I snack on Myprotein high pro elite bars, they are the perfect on the go snack.

Shakes are important especially after a match, our strength and conditioning coach will make up a load of shakes or carbohydrate based shakes to make sure that we all get the right electrolytes and fluid.

Jos Butler will be playing in the upcoming 2017 ICC Champions Trophy in England starting on the 1st June.



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