Jason Roy on his “lucky” break

Born in South Africa, Roy’s family moved to England when he was just ten years old. It may have been a big change but it was certainly a smooth transition into the sport he now does for a living: “My dad told me let’s go to the cricket club and play some cricket down there.

Jason was interviewed by JD Sports as part of their Out the Box series

“I didn’t know anything about it, I was just ten years old and didn’t know a huge amount.

“They said go out have a bat, so a guy was bowling to me and I was
just hitting and smacking it about.

“People were like this is really good, all I could say was um..cool..great!”

Roy, who hit 85 runs as England beat the Aussies in the Cricket World Cup semi final on Thursday, however, remained humble about his break into the sport: “Obviously as a kid you do well at something you keep doing it and I managed to get some lucky breaks with a few scholarships to some schools.

“I went to some good schools for my rugby and my cricket which took my cricket further.”


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