Boycott v Cook Row Is Not Helping England

The England team is suffering from yet more airing of dirty linen in public, as Geoff Boycott takes the opportunity to criticise Alistair Cook. Turns out that those Yorkshire folk like to stick together, and Cook’s anti-Yorkie comments aimed at Colin Graves seem to have got Sir Geoff’s back up.

The original issue, of course, was that Graves labelled the West Indies as “mediocre” before the final test. Those comments were, in this author’s opinion, unprofessional and ill advised. They did, as Cook pointed out, provide all the motivation that the Windies needed to increase their performance levels and win the test, thus leveling the series.

Whether Cook needed to make his comments in the media is another matter. It would have been better dealt with in private – but that didn’t happen and has now sparked this 3-way war of words, all being played out in the media. Great for them, bad for the England team.

Seriously, the team has been through enough recently without this unnecessary public bickering. There is no need for Boycott to get involved, somebody who claims to support the team should not be undermining the captain in public. One only hopes that this is the end of the matter, but somehow it seems unlikely.

Seriously guys, put your claws away and concentrate on what is going to be a very challenging summer. Let’s get back to talking about cricket rather than each other shall we?

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